Nothing makes sense

Date: 4/26/2017

By Kitsune

So I dreamt that I would be going on vacation to London. But I decided I'd go there by foot (I live in the Netherlands). Once I got there there was this big bald dude in my cottage. He took a baby off the couch (the baby was as small as my hand) and flushed it trough the toilet. My dad got really upset and started yelling at the big dude (why does my dad always get so mad in my dreams lol). We also went canoeing. But there was this giant waterfall. Normally you'd think that would be a problem but this time the waterfall was supposed to be there and it was a part of the course. To be honest I think these kinda dreams sound fun, but I find them pretty boring to be honest. Wish some more exciting things would happen instead of just weird stuff.