Coming Out + Voodoo Graves

Date: 6/16/2017

By teerific

Had a dream I did another musical, Emmett was in it and he was the lead I think? At one point it didn't feel like we were acting anymore. Backstage was huuuuuuge, and basically Emmett told people he was gay and started walking through it. People were shocked and confused and unsupportive, and I just followed him. He walked besides an unknown boy and touched foreheads with him. At that point people became verbal, so I walked faster. We ended up on stage, and I held his hand while everybody else was shooting glances and comments, and basically that was the Act I Finale? Lmao. There was another Ms Jay. Like it was Ms Jay, but it wasn't. I couldn't find my dressing room, and I kept looking everywhere. She told me about black magic, and how a black woman predicted her baby would die, and her brother. Apparently she's also psychic 'cause Ms Jay asked her if her dad still thought about his kids, and the lady answered yes (the father's dead) but basically I was crawling through tight spaces under the dressing rooms where infant bodies were fossilized.