Zombie apocalypse

Date: 4/17/2017

By yourmom

So basically there was this zombie apocalypse and I was in some building with people I don't know some random girls where dressed up as cats in tight black clothing (the b99 latest episode affected me so much I guess) and so we were just running around the building fighting and running away from zombies and then we discovered these weird robots that looked hella freaky would just kill anyone or anything in their way were in there with us and they killed a few of our people along with many other zombies (I later on realized that the robots were set up by the government to get rid of all the zombies but their killing us as well was just some mistake they made but didn't bother to fix because humans suck anyway) so as we were running away one of the people with us was talking and then this zombie just stabbed him with his hand from the back of his head and the zombies hand was moving around outside his mouth so we started fighting the army of zombies behind him then the robots we kept avoiding were about to appear and the zombies were stuck to another two dudes so knowing that I'd die if I tried to help (my experience w movies 💯) stuck myself to the wall along with the cat girls and and the robots came in and started shooting at the zombies and we were hiding behind them and as they were focused on them we started running and finally got out of the building which looked like my house from the outside and everything seemed so peaceful and I was so confused and as I was contemplating on which side I should go from to avoid the zombies a lot of the zombies started running fiercely out of someone's garage so I started running and the people I was with spread out so I was running with a whole lot of other people that I didn't know I had no idea who I was with or where my family was but i was just running nonstop and after a really long time I noticed that out of all the people that were running away with me there was this girl that was actually able to catch up to me and as we were running there was this wall that was for some reason flexible and I was able to jump and reach its tip and as I was pushing on my leg for support I saw that girl struggling but there was nothing I could do so she tries again and she made it with me and for some reason there were so many layers of this bendable wall and she and I had to roll to get on to the other side (it's sound pretty weird and lame when written down but the whole scene made us look like total badasses) and on the other side people were partying and celebrating so we tried to tell them about the people on the other side and they told us that those can climb will be the only ones that'll make it and so some people that did got so pissed then started pushing at the wall so it would start to bend over to them so that girl and I just started running all over again knowing that the zombies would reach in there so as we where running we entered this building and 4minute was playing their song 'what's your name' which is very ironic and it was super crowded and so we noticed at the end there were two doorways to get out and we said we'd meet each other past the doors and as I was running I lost her and almost lost my way because of how crowded it was and I noticed how on the screen the part where the zombies entered in the music video was about to appear and the entrance we had come in from was the shape of a zombies mouth wide open and i knew that the zombies would come in at that time and people would mistake it as some kind of joke and it would be too late for me to do anything so I kept running and ended up making it she came in through the other door and we had this short conversation then as there was no other way out but a staircase we started running upstairs and although it felt like nothing we ran till the top of the building -which I don't know much math to calculate how high it was but just know that it was reaallly really high- and so we tried opening the door but it was really heavy so we opened it together and then we saw like four people (either all four of em were dudes or one of them was a girl) and my lord where they all so frikin hot! So we became friends and the friend I came with all of a sudden jumped off the building and I started panicking but it then turned out that they had this weird magnetic thing that would make em stick to the wall whenever they'd click the button but it was clearly a dream so whenever she'd let go there'd always be a moment where she's stuck in midair and she has time to click the button again and so I sat down and we were all having a deep conversation I think one of their friends died from the zombie apocalypse and so my friend wanted to lighten up the mood so she had this box filled with the ball-shaped gum and so she threw one to one of the guys and it was dark blue and then to someone else and it was red then to another and it was baby blue then grabbed one for herself any it was black and she threw one to someone else and it was a lighter red and then threw one to me which was also light red but a different shade and so I sucked on it so it turned white so I said 'mines white' and so she said laughing 'you've always liked that color' as if she had known me for my whole life and then we all became like this new power rangers thing our gum balls representing our outfit colors and I knew the dream was going to end happily there that we'd all fight the zombies ourselves but I wanted to see it happen so as the dream was ending I tried stopping it by thinking this is where the zombies will come in but it didn't work and my dream ended.