New life in Amsterdam💃🏻

Date: 7/6/2017

By jennifershines7

I moved in the city in my 20's. During the day I was a bar tender (and the only bad tender) and in the night I was a pole dancer. I earned little money but I was happy with my new life. The only friend I had was my boss at the bar and the only way to contact my mom was calling them from a phone booth. The bar that I worked at had very little clients so it was almost running out of business. One day my boss wanted to talk to me and it was about how the bar used to be a beautiful house in the middle of the city and all rooms haven't been walked on for years. A few weeks later he tells me that the bar is now being closed for good and he put my name as the owner of the building because he wants me to have a good life. He gave me the keys to open the house side of the bar. I opened the door and there were so many rooms! I wanted them all to be occupied so I called my mom, godparents, god brothers, and all their children to come and live with me in my new home.