multiple weirdo dreams

Date: 8/8/2017

By lesbolivia

getting a present for aunt helena and my bro got her an ipad, beata got her a green case (that was like a bag) and i got her the notebooks i bought at primark my brother had sold some of my books online, incl. schoolbooks, n even tho i didnt really read them i was Pissed something with a camel (in one of our swedish forests, all dry with only pine trees), and wanting to ride it - the dude had built those kind of beds you have on the backs of elephants on each fat thing on the camel (they were side to side for some reason) n we (mom was there, but then only teenagers my age, like ebba) fought a bit abt it or w/e i had to go fetch a ball my mom had kicked away when she was trying to reserve one seat for her...? ebba said the dinner + ride was 2h so we could switch around then i was at fritids with alice and william (?) and we had to clean a room or smth there was also someone going around hitting people with a waffle iron...? kids were scared of me cause i cleaned one or smth asked the staff if i could stay to ten if i didnt eat cause they said they were reeeeally low on money cuz food and paper that kids kept drawing on cost money