Forgot everything at home

Date: 5/3/2019

By gstpsk

Went to school but forgot everything at home. I was only wearing a shirt and pants. I wasn’t wearing sock ond I forgot my phone, keys and wallet at home. I thought to myself: well okay this not that bad. My whole class walked by (this was a mixture of my old class and my new class + unknown people.). I greeted some of them. I kept sitting somewhere and was deeply thinking how fucked up this is and I completely forgot to go to class. I walk to gymnastics and when I sit down I realize my shirt is now also missing. I waited for the teacher to finish his explaining and left again to search for my shirt. I was walking through the school and walked into Jelle and Krijn and told them what happened. They kinda laughed at me and said they had to go to class. I continued my search for my shirt but it was nowhere to be found. I was walling back to gymnastics when I found it. It was laying on some sort of statue / art piece. It had a lot of people around it. I wanted to grab it but was scared to do so because everyone would see me. I looked at my phone amd got placed in a whatsapp group. At first glance it was a whatsapp group about the shirt on the statue but it morphed into a group with old primary school friends.