The pirate in Eddie Vedder ...

Date: 2/2/2019

By DreamGirl444

Since 1996 or so I’ve been having consistent dreams about Eddie Vedder from Pearl Jam. It’s one of the greatest mysteries of my life. While I like their music, I am not their - or his - biggest fan. Anyhow, the dream... It was like a hedonistic party...everyone swilling beer, making out and smoking. Eddie seeks me out and wrestled me into a loving embrace for a while. Which was quite fun. He felt satisfied he’d conquered me and he was ready to move on. All the men in the dream wore pirate garb. Haha. Another aspect of the dream that meant a lot to me was a little girl was clinging to me for loving attention, like a daughter I was never able to have. The one moment I didn’t IMMEDIATELY give her attention or attend to her, she got way upset and thought I didn’t love her. I then spent a great deal of time convincing her I adored her❤️