My grandpa, gorillas and a soccer ball?

Date: 8/28/2019

By dreamstheycomengo

I was looking for proper light for vlogging and eventually i eventually ran into my grandpa on his way back from a grocery trip I helped him carry his groceries in because his back was sore. He wanted to spend time with me so we went on a car ride. on this car ride we talked, I can’t really remember about what? We eventually got to this road and he dropped me off for a house viewing we went it and it had a dinning room with 3 different tables that were all decorated differently, a bedroom with blue walls and gold framed mirrors and a bathroom with really tacky cupboards. While we were talking through the house I looked out the window and I saw a gorilla with a white lower half and a black upper half. We stared at it and then went to the kitchen. My best friend was there with my dad and my other friend and we stood there and spoke my dad offered to drive my friend home so my best friend left the house to see how far she could get, when she went out the gorilla approached her and she went on her knees and looked at the tree eventually he left her and she came back in. We then decided to get out of the house decisively but all of a sudden there were 100’s of gorillas putting on pants they’d stolen from other house viewers and soccer shirts and running in circles.