Underwater Victorian mansion Coolest dream I've ever had

Date: 6/25/2017

By sweetcourtneydreams

Okay this dream is from about 2 months back. I was taking paxil as a last resort try on antidepressants. I had tried about 5 other SSRIs at this point and I swear witg the paxil I had terrible insomnia and extremely lucid dreams when I did get a little shut eye. I remember being in this home and it was ABSOLUTELY breathtaking! In my mind it was my grandmother's house but it definitely wasn't. I had never seen this home before in my life! It had rooms and rooms full of beautiful colorful furniture and trinkets. I WAS UNDERWATER ALMOST THE ENTIRE DREAM. THIS HOME WAS ALSO AN AQUARIUM AND THERE WAS SEA LIFE IN THE AQUARIUM HOME. I was breathing fine and thought nothing of it. I was just going through all of this beautiful stuff in this beautiful home and suddenly I am outside of the water looking down into the tank and sprinkling in these glittery hearts and stars. As soon as they hit the water I am back inside the tank/home watching these glittery hearts and stars fall into the water and thinking "Oh no! what if one of these fish eats the glitter!!" I felt guilty because I didn't want anything to hurt them. This dream was so fascinating. My second underwater dream in a home.