weird school test and going out for ice cream

Date: 3/27/2017

By Cela08

the dream felt almost real, but seemed to depict my life ever so slightly different. i was taking an english test (note: i'm homeschooled, so i wasn't in a school environment) but i couldn't for the life of me remember any of the texts, so i had to cheat. the unit was about comics and graphic novels. the first question that i remember doing was about which selections would belong on which "days of newspaper comics", as in wednesday, thursday, or sunday. apparently, in this dream-world, on thursday they run comics about diy projects, with the example comic being about leatherworking. i don't remember what wednesday was. the next questions which i particularly remember were about a story about five night's at freddy's... as in, chica was "in it", but only kinda. it begins with a regular girl and her treasured rubber duck. recently, this duck has magically come to life, and i guess it's just understood that the consciousness in the duck is chica from fnaf? she takes the duck with her to the library at some point, and she sits down to read while the duck is on the table beside her. but suddenly, it starts squeaking with alarm. a decaying, unnatural looking sonic the hedgehog is shambling over, growling things that were basically edgy word salad with ellipses everywhere. the duck keeps squeaking to tell her to run, but she looks over at the sonic and doesn't register it as a threat at all, going back to reading. the very last panel is the evil sonic lunging over the table at her, with the duck falling off and crying. according to my school, this comic was a well-known work of satire. what it's satirizing? heck if i know. one of the questions was about the sonic's word salad that you could only find meaning if you read too far into it, asking something like "This dialogue showcases Dark Sonic's hypocrisy because?" i think the dialogue had something to do with imitation, and the answer was "he is just a demon in the guise of Sonic." i can't remember any of the exact other questions, but i know there were some about comics made to advertise and the dragon ball series. basically, a new dragon ball movie was coming out, and there was a comic or two about product tie-ins. i don't remember the comics, but i DO remember that i was also sent a small, single-serve carton of milk with piccolo emblazoned on the side. the milk was still good, and i was thirsty, so i took a break from my test and pretty much chugged it. then, my parents said they were going out for ice cream, and i could come along if i wanted. i of course decided to go with them, and asked where they were going. they said "furrycone", which i apparently knew as an ice cream place ran entirely by... well, furries. i asked my dad if he knew about the whole furry thing. from they way he answered "it's people who like animal costumes, right?" i'm pretty sure he didn't. he did, however, say that furrycone had the best ice cream he'd ever had in his life, and i made a comment along the lines of "huh, guess furries are really good at making ice cream..." i wondered if they did all their serving in fursuits or if that'd be unhygenic, and wondered what their mascot would look like aside from the obvious "a fursona". i woke up before we reached furrycone. now we'll never know.