Colorful fire

Date: 3/21/2019

By euphoriaa

My fire 🔥 dream 🌀 Ok so I remember this person asking to hangout she said if I didn’t hangout with her she would burn my house xD and I was like whatever... no she’s nottttt.... and so I go inside and I start noticing light coming from my front yard and it’s fire and I get fuckin freaked the fuck out, and I’m trying to put it out and so then I throw it to the neighbors because they’re having a party??? Lmao???? 💀 But it’s like a small fire like I had it in my hands and tossed it.. the party stops and everyone goes home calmly?? Lol but then the fire starts to burn in my house... so I put it out and wake up my dad... then I hear laughing like in my head and i go outside to check and there’s a gift bag on top of the truck in my back yard.. and I’m terrified to open it.. obviously it’s a fire gift... so I take it to the front Yard and go look for the girl that asked to hangout (she just so happened to pass by) and I was like “what the fuck are you doing!? stop!” And she said she didn’t do any of it and then a big colorful fire appears on the front of my house and it’s so beautiful lol so I watch for a while and like put it out with my body but it doesn’t hurt and it disappears??? And so I ask her “you didn’t do this?????” While I see someone run off and laugh, so I chase them, and I end up in like almost like a junkyard look alike trash version of black panther place! and the little fuckin “gnome” is there trying to start a fire at someone else’s home or Pueblo? It seemed super poor you know but people lived there... so I’m watching I have the gift in my hand and I’m hiding but watching this fucker light shit up, I leave the bag on the exit of the “junkyard” you know? Like ,“I’m here mother fucker” And so the villagers see me and I call them down and I tel them, this person is going to set fire to your shit, it doesn’t hurt, but it’s scary, it will scare your people, be carful, and I go and I find the little gnome and like put him in a choke hold once he sees the bag, and he’s like “it’s you” and I’m like wtf is your problem??? Why are you doing this, and little gnome says I have to teach people the value of shit, they’re going to go through stuff, but I’m reality it doesn’t hurt and they should just be thankful for what they have” Pretttty powerful stuff, So I enjoyed the last message, but I want to know why the colorful fire??? google said fire symbolizes letting go of stuff, and since I threw it on the party I think it means I need to stop being wreck less you know, cause my inner voice comes in when I’m drunk sometimes and tells me “you would have a better time at home doing your own shit” google also mentioned that i have a lot of passion and sexual energy harvested.. it also mentions that if a woman dreams of fire there is love and hope in her life, it also means for younger people that were full of love for life and a new career, and confidence. It says if I escaped the fire it means I’ll have success, and if I help someone out that someone will soon ask me for help.. It seems like a straight forward message usually at the end of my dreams, but I want to know the in between meanings.. you know.. And then i have to remember that it’s all me, it’s all my subconscious, I am every part of that dream.. so it’s just a lot to take in.. mmmm I feel like I need to guide my passion in a better direcshON...