A different perspective

Date: 8/19/2019

By vieveruu

As you can tell by the title i was in the perspective of a different character. Y'knw the dream really started out of nowhere , it was me and my bestfriend(not me but the characters) running through this black place with clouds and water. Apparently this evil dude stole our parents so me , my love interest and my bestfriend were going to this place to get them back. My bestfriend had long black hair and dark blue eyes. She was an elegant and soft girl but was incredibly good at martial arts. Though i had to carry her cuz in the dream she was wounded. Mine was this boy with short black hair and red or yellow eyes. He was a wild , funny , sporty fella. Not the best st fighting but was a good friend. The character i was seeing the world as had rose gold hair and brown eyes with her hair adorned with flowers. How do i know? At one point in the dream she looked at a mirror. Okay so back to the dream. We finally arrive at this place where our parents are. The person controlling the place congratulates us for completing our mission and lets us in. My love interest pops out if no where and yells "where's our parents?!?!" The man didnt tall but his assistant rose from a puddle .His assitant had long dark blue hair and bright ocean blue eyes. He was very fond of my bestfriend and even lead us to our parents So in the room only my bestfriend and loveintrezts parentz were present so i asked the dude where mine were. So he leads me to the bazement and i aproach a coffin in tears. "Mom... Im so glad you're" i whisper as the male lead pats my head to comfort me. and then i woke up.