Confusing, Annoying People Won't Bring me my Food!

Date: 8/21/2019

By pinkstar16121

I was in a restaurant with my dad, and we were looking at menus, and I was trying to decide what to order. It doesn't really make sense, but these people who were like the people who were supposed to bring me my food, but also were just customers decided for me. It was this snacky kind of dish that the only thing I can compare it to was cheese and crackers, but it wasn't exactly that, somewhere between a meal and a snack, neither completely one nor the other but it wasn't like an appetizer either because it was the size of a meal. It had a breaded cracker coating, and there was cheddar cheese in it, unmelted. I told my father how they were going to bring me this meal, but he said he didn't see it on the menu, implying I wasn't going to get it. He said it with a sort of nonchalant and brushed-off sort of attitude. I then, was waiting and waiting for my food, which never came. Then, I was outside the restaurant, and the guy and woman came out and asked me if I was done because they were ready to leave. I was really annoyed with them and just the whole situation the whole time. I just wanted some food!