School full of Water also a crazy old man

Date: 4/23/2017

By weaselpuppy

So my school is 4 storys tall 2 of the storys are underground and the top floor and the 2nd floor are completely full of water but the water isn't going anywhere. so I am at the 8th grade algebra class on top of the steepest hill with all the 8th graders and Soren and Kate. I am Bella. then we get out of class and I am myself and this crazy old man is chasing me Bella Kate and Soren down the hill. we are all just flying down the hill then the old man kills soren. we run even faster and get to the school where we swim down the stairs to ms. Maria's room is and the old man is following us. then ms. Maria throws the old man down the hallway because he killed soren. then we have to hide from someone so we go down to mr. sayers room very quickly because we had been holding our breath because there is water in our school. so we all get on disguises and I am a small British boy with blond hair (in reality I am a American girl with brown hair) then the bad guys come down stairs and they question me then they decide I am not the on they are looking for so they move on. Then we all have to go to the bathroom but the boys bathroom Is full of water so they use our bathroom which is suddenly Victorian stile and all pink and frilly. so I am going to the bathroom when Kalo walks in then I wash my hands but someone left their putty on the counter so I grab that and when I go to dry my hand the putty gets stuck to the towel so I peal as much of as I can then go up to mr. Brody's room and that is when I woke up.