It's Time

Date: 8/21/2017

By MuffinFluffin

(Any dream pre-2017 does not have an exact date; many are guesses based on text message receipts and iPod notes) Background: mother used to work as a SPED teacher at a ghetto public school. She's pretty narcissistic and always came home with (mostly unbelievable) stories of students acting like assholes towards her. Always questioned if she would ever push a challenged middle schooler over the edge. The dream started with thumping sounds at the front door, quickly turning into banging that echoed throughout the house. Dad was at work, so it was just mother and I in the house. She sensed it was one of her more violent students, but only ushered the two of us to hide in the master bedroom on the top floor rather than calling the cops. Once locked in the room, the house alarm goes off and there was footsteps rapidly storming towards the room. The bedroom door gets kicked down with great force but instead of standing at the door, the unnamed student was standing at the stair landing. She was at least 12 years old; a bit chubby with long ebony hair and tanned skin, holding a 5" knife. As the door continued to swing, she just stood at the landing saying, "it's time." Post dream/notes: mother laughed this dream off when I told her. She retired from teaching a few years ago, not relating to aforementioned story.