Return and Survive

Date: 7/20/2019

By Aeondolphin

Immediately I realized that the dream had taken me back to school again, and that I could find my ex and relive time with him again. It seems it was a high school, though I met him in college, and when I found him he was climbing this long staircase. His hair was a blend between his normal hair and the aqua blue I dyed it to once. When I caught up to him he immediately took my hand and became affectionate. He hugged me so tightly against a wall I couldn’t move. It was annoying but I liked it. I found myself in a lower part of the school which bordered a lakeside farm or a boat dock. My dog ran by me towards it and I followed. There was a some kind of investigation group that has formed after the ‘event’ happened. This was where one of the people responsible was hiding. She was powerful. We fought in the dock and she violently killed three of them. My dream magic wasn’t working because i was stressed, but I was able to PK powerline into the water where she was to kill her. It let us escape.