Date: 8/13/2017

By danieleigh93

I dreamt I was on a cruise. I was at a school and Aberforth Dumbledore was sat sticking his head through a cardboard box thing, trying to convince me to feed him money to find out the answers. For some reason I fed him 10p and asked about Dumbledore. I was then given a room on a private cruise and told I was special in some way, I also gained a daughter earlier on but she seemed to be gone by this point. (Aberforth turned into a woman and wanted to look after this daughter of mine, so maybe that's where she went). I then fell off the cruise ship when I was trying to see this woman, who may have been a long lost sister, and fell over board. For some reason the cruise ship was running on train tracks and I raced after it. I then ended chasing it to what I thought was Scotland but was Verona. The people on the cruise ship were watching it as someone did this ceremony thing outside. I ducked under the rope to get back to my fellow shipmates and that is when I realised we were all related.