Struck in airport

Date: 4/11/2017

By Alechku

I flew in to visit my family on my way out of the airport I put my unnecessary bags in a locker. I was greeted with my dad and we drove of to see everyone,the weather was nice and everyone was happy we hangout we had great talks but it was time for me to go back to my other half. Two things happened- 1st I had very little money and had to fly back earlier through Russia and was offered a ticket by a stranger. 2nd a friend who has a crush on me decided to join me. We get to the airport and the bags are missing I'm trying to stay calm and be fine about and the security is slow and she is giving me this big book fool of weird types of lockers drawn by hand and sakes me to show her which one is mine, I tell her that I have trouble remembering and that I need her help, she goes on in a very inefficient way and asked me to get mad at her and I ask why, she says that's the only way so I asked for her supervisor, she got mad for a second but she was reasonable enough to give me her phone and dial the number. The call was echoing and static but I managed to ask for help from the supervisor and she found my bags in a second, strangely enough it was right at the entrance. I go get my bags and my friend tells me I should take my red coat we fly through Russia and its gonna be cold, all of a sudden my father looks at me and her and he says "matching coats i see where this is going " and smiles at me all of a sudden I understood that she was tempting me, and I said "its ok , I don't need it" so my father response was " you are right you can't live off only on one thing in a relationship it has to be whole that's what matters " I smile we hug and I go.