Date: 8/16/2017

By wanda1316

This was the longest lucid dream I've ever had. There was numerous possibilities I could do, but instead of doing anything extravagant I just decided to follow the dream wherever it took me. I flew higher in the sky than I'd ever been. Then I was inside a building, and an ocean/swimming pool was inside. I was a little nervous flying over the ocean, because the waves were strong and the wind swayed me. But I told myself, "why should I be scared? This is my dream, I can do anything I believe I can do." I did it, no problem. Then I saw my coworker at the bottom of the ocean. I decided to do something I had always been terrified to do. I dove into the deep waters. At first I held my breath, but then I told myself I could breathe underwater. So I did. I swam to reach my coworker and bring her back above water. At one point in the dream I was deciding what to do next. The possibilities were endless. But my coworker was there and she was lost. I decided to simply lead her to where she needed to be. I thought perhaps if she were in a dream as well, maybe my actions could translate into her dreams and actually help her in some way. Maybe I could be her "spirit guide" in some sense. For a moment I was lost as well, but I successfully took her through several hallways, windows, doors, etc until she reached her destination.