getting my brother ready for school

Date: 8/9/2017

By lesbolivia

somehow my brother and i lived alone for some time and i was responsible for us both getting to school first day i was like five min late (dropped beata off at her friend's brother's place, and had to wait for him to respond to my msgs cause he wasnt there) in sewing class we got to do p much w/e we wanted? i made a fucking donut except we forgot to fry it and teacher didnt believe me first but then she was like aight. then i sewed an octopus doll :3 the next day axel just wouldnt cooperate at All like he just stared at his phone and screamed and bit me and cried and hit me and wouldnt eat and then olivia came over to help and made actual cooked food and we ended up almost 2h late bc of my brother then smth abt going to an art exhibition - or sofia going, and me plus friends chastising her for p much only looking at her phone - and cleaning at tylebäck (20 rooms together)