Odd Dream

Date: 3/24/2017

By Sunfeather21w

Okay, so I had this dream a couple of days ago but for some reason I just remembered it. So I was a little boy and my older brother had mysteriously disappeared or been killed (can't remember which it was). We lived in a world where, it was almost like Pokemon but it wasn't because the, "creatures" I'll call them, had like swords and other stuff. Anyway, my brother had disappeared and I would go out on adventures to find creatures for him. Then, one day, I return home and find him there holding some weird lightning spear or something. I immediately freak out and grab the spear and start asking him questions like "where have you been?" or "what have you been doing all this time?" He then tells me that he just went on that adventure with me and when I look in his inventory he has 8 creatures with him. When he disappeared, he didn't have any (and I only had two that entire time). Then I lunge at him with the spear and he calls one of his creatures out to protect him. The creature has two sword which it uses to block the blow.