woke up almost screaming

Date: 1/21/2017

By Jaynie

I woke up (in the dream) at about 3:00 and got out of bed. As I was walking through my house it changed into my old middle school and I saw my friends. They looked at me waved and I continued to walk but then I saw this man. I don't know who he was but I got an erie feeling from him. So I turned but he just followed me. He started running and then I woke up. I did get back to sleep after that but it's this next dream that had me nearly in tears. So (yet again in the dream) It was dark outside but since I collect things I wanted to go outside and look for stuff for my collection. I had a flashlight but I wanted the door into my house to stay open. my mother (in the dream) was about to shut the door but I ran up to it. I had dropped my flashlight so I had to go grab it but it rolled off of my porch. I got off the porch to grab it. But then suddenly it was day. I looked over and saw the man from the previous dream. He looked at me and smiled. of course I had that strange feeling again so I went to go into my house. It was hard to move. I got to the door and had my hand on the handle when he grabbed me. I started screaming and trying to get free but I couldn't. Then I woke up and you can clearly see why I didn't go back to sleep