Date: 6/9/2017

By 938Milred

A new building opened up at my school. I can only go there on 4-5. It was a beautiful building - with a tall ceiling, tall windows all around, and green shrubbery hanging from the ceiling. I decided that I would enter that building when no one was there. (My first act of rebellion). I went into my school. There was a room with no door, randomly placed near a lobby. When no one was around, I slowly walked into the room. In this room we're blue bottles that I perceived to be wine. I heard voices of 2 ladies - they were discussing how they should prevent students from drinking more alcohol. Instead of taking the wine, I poured it in a cup and took the cup instead. The two ladies could see me if they just looked outside their door. But they didn't. And I escaped. (My second act of rebellion). Somehow I found a knife, I took it, along with my cup of wine - just in case someone attacked me. I smiled and didn't make eye contact with anyone as I carried the knife through the school. No one was suspicious. (My third act of rebellion). I found someone I knew. I went to her, hid my knife and alcohol under the table, and asked her to join me (I forgot what I wanted her to join me in). We somehow ended up in my house and in my car. We escaped my house without my parents knowing. (My third act of rebellion). I woke up and realized I'm no where near this rebellious in real life.