General dream sequence

Date: 9/24/2019

By madeofmold

An extended dream sequence (I kept waking up and falling back asleep, creating different scenes). I first was preparing for a trip to somewhere with a group. It’s vague, as I’m writing this the night after I dreamed it. I was in an enclosed, rocky cave interior (think of the underground torture chamber in The Princess Bride). I was running around collecting many smaller items (including a tiny journal, to write down my thoughts for whatever reason), and I kept reminding myself to use my holographic silver fanny pack to carry it all (an actual item I own, courtesy of WalMart (not an ad)). I don’t think I brought it in the end. Scene change (I woke/fell back asleep). We were now driving across an empty landscape. Reminiscent of the country between Las Vegas, Nevada, and Kanab, Utah. We chatted about inconsequential things that I unfortunately do not remember now. Scene change (but not really, just an extension of the former environment/story). We were still in the car, still traveling. Our conversation was now centered on our objective once we reached our destination, and I was just noticing that we were taking a while to get where we wanted to go. I don’t remember much else about the dreams, but when I woke the final time my mood was thoughtful and melancholic.