Two foot long hedgehog

Date: 8/8/2017

By TwentieToo

I went to the grocery store, when i was done i went out to my car. It was a jeep. I drove it back to my house. And i guess on the way there it turned into a bike? I went behind the house to park it. The House was two stories. The top story was where a bunch of kids lived. And i lived in the bottom half. As i was parking my bike they came down and invited me to come with them. So i did. We walked about twenty feet til we got to this tree that was growing out of the concrete. A kid found a hedgehog. They told me his name and that he lived here and they visited him everyday. But the hedgehog was super long like a foot or two long. They kept shoving it in my face saying, he's so soft pet him. So i did, and surprisingly he was soft. Then the dream ended there.