Date: 7/10/2017

By dreamvan

Although I participated in this dream, l was an observer or minor character. In the beginning I approached what appeared to be a gas station where several employees were working in a sort of car port. The one who caught my eye was a young woman wearing a nurse's uniform, white and pale blue. This was a totalitarian society with conservative values, so it was unusual to find a woman working in this environment. At first she was carrying an infant in a huge white flannel bundle. The bundle was bigger than she was. But it quickly disappeared and didn't reappear during the rest of the dream. The place where she was working turned out to be a warehouse, not a gas station. The woman and several men were receiving and processing orders for products I never saw. I knew someone here was being investigated by the authorities for subversive activities. I didn't know who or why, but the woman interested me most. I didn't explain why I was there. I was a reporter trying to find out what was going on, but I wasn't hostile to the subversive activities. I was pretending to be a traveler. I got the woman to trust me and she invited me home with her. She had her own car, which was also unusual. It was a pale blue vintage convertible. The woman was petite with blond hair and looked like writer Annie Dillard. She lived alone on a small farm and grew her own food. The land had a small creek running through it and the driveway was a sandy track. The house was at the back of the property, away from the road. It was quite small, like a mobile home not a typical farmhouse. By now I knew she was the person I had come to investigate but I needed to find evidence. When she went outside to do some work, I started looking through her clothes closet and found some notes in one of the pockets. She had somehow been listening in and recording secret interviews and was transcribing them to send to her accomplices. I was concerned that this could get her into a lot of trouble. I looked outside and saw her with some friends, running around and playing a game. She came back inside and I confronted her with the evidence. She wasn't upset about it. By this time she seemed to know why I was there and knew I didn't intend to expose her. "Oh yeah, I'll get a ticket for doing that," She said. "Won't you be arrested?" I asked. "No." She showed me the device she used to intercept and record conversations. It was the size and shape of an Interac machine for making payments at a store. "Look, they've already detected my transmission," she said. The screen was amber coloured. A small orange bubble had popped up warning her of the infraction. "There's someone on the way to give me a ticket," she said. We looked outside but there was nobody there yet. We stood and waited for the authorities to arrive.