Voldemort, surrounded by his Death Eaters with their Furbies, trying to figure out how to make enough money to buy fruit at Walmart with his financial scheme., digital art

Voldemort's Financial Scheme

Date: 3/5/2017

By laurashelton

I had a dream where Voldemort had been rendered magically powerless so instead of trying to conquer the magical world he was just trying to get really rich through some kind of heist. In the end end he didn't have enough money to buy fruit at Walmart because his Death Eaters had bought a bunch of Furbies.

AI generated interpretation This dream could be interpreted as a warning against the dangers of greed or trying to take shortcuts to success. Voldemort has always been a symbol of power, so the fact that he is rendered powerless and is then trying to get rich suggests that it is not the right way to achieve one's goals. Additionally, the fact that he can't even afford to buy fruit at Walmart implies that he has not achieved success in his financial scheme. The Furbies may represent materialism, suggesting that instead of focusing on more meaningful goals, Voldemort has become too focused on material possessions. In the end, this dream could be interpreted as a warning against short-cutting success and focusing too much on material possessions instead of meaningful goals.