Date: 2/5/2019

By probablymichelle

This dream takes place at my school but like a bigger more expensive version of my school, like an university. So, in with a group of friends like Caden, Colton, Trystan, Kendelyn, and Mia. It starts out as a weird version of school where we get this weird fucked up lunch and we sit down to talk. Trystan turns to me and goes “I think our friendship is kinda getting damaged.” And then I just nod to agree, but then the school day ends and I try getting on a bus but I miss it by a longshot. So, I head out with the same group of friends as before and we’re talking about a “Mr. Hoppy” and how he’s still in the forest from the California Fires (btw I live in Minnesota, so this is fucking weird) We decide to head into the forest, and I suddenly remember all of the forest adventures I had. (I seriously have multiple dreams about this forest. It’s the worst, but all of them are different variations. It was less scary today. Usually there’s no bunnies) It was all burnt down except for a few giant bunnies standing at the edge. As we enter the forest a bunch of little badly stuffed bunnies were leaving in a hurry but we kept going inside. Suddenly, we get to this point and look up to see a giant floating trystan head. It chases us so we bolt out of the forest. We run back to the school and I talk to Natalie and she points out that Mr. Hoppy came back a couple minutes ago and then mr hoppy starts flopping around (he looks like red paper) Then, I escape with Mia through the library. The end.