Teaching from the Teacher

Date: 4/1/2017

By garrettmorrow_

I had a dream where I was learning how to sing songs from the heart. The man teaching me shared a poem that I wish I remembered -it was beautiful. But then he pick up the guitar and started strumming. He waited for me to start singing and I begun singing a song I remember from Bethel. As soon as I started he stopped playing, and explained to me the importance of my own song -from my heart. So once again he strummed and waited. The song that came out: "You are holy. Holyyyyy are you, Lord, You are Holy." My eyes burst into ears as he begins to pick up the song. We sang 3x the sentence below, me crying the whole time. Then hundreds of people poured over the hill to where we were singing and worshipping, and then I woke up.