teenage bully at train station

Date: 2/24/2017

By Purple

I was at a train station in the Bronx. At first it seemed like it was the Parkchester station. But the design of the station seemed more like it was East 180th. There was a man waiting for the train downstairs, off to my right, and I was looking at the board to see when the next uptown train was coming. I did not swipe my MetroCard as I was not sure about the train schedule. I was debating whether or not I should walk. A train pulled into the station but I did not see which direction it was going. Suddenly there was a flood of people walking downstairs and exiting. There were a bunch of teenagers also coming down, who exited the train. One girl accidentally bumped into another girl. They were both teenagers. I immediately knew what was going to happen and so I stepped away from the troublemaker. The one girl who was bumped into was just a troublemaker and immediately picked on the girl who accidentally bumped into her. It was the classic case of a bully starting trouble with a good kid who she saw as weak. The teenage girl who got yelled at was very sensitive and started to show signs that she was about to cry. Some of the passengers just kept going towards the exit while about a dozen teens staying behind to see what would happen. The teenagers were a mixed crowd of different races, but the neighborhood has very few, if any, white kids. It struck me as odd as two blue-eyed teen girls were there. They were some of the kids that kept walking. I wondered to myself what would've happened if they were confronted. But something about them told me that they were native Bronx people and they would not take any shit. Plus, they looked like they were close friends, and they would stick up for one another. The girl who got picked on started to apologize to the small crowd gathered. They all said it was OK, as if the girl had a need to apologize in the first place. But I think that they just meant it was OK —and that they were staying behind to make sure that she was safe.