Dream over dream

Date: 7/11/2019

By fidhan1998

Today's dream was insane one.in my dream i was with my frnds and smoking weed from my house. There were lots of weed and i smoked alot. Then my friends went for trip.one of my non smoker friend was sleeping that time. i was not sleeping even though i didnt go for trip. I dont know the reason for that... It was early mrng in dream.then i called my friends and told that me and akhil is in my house and why you people left us in house. Then they told they'll be coming soon fpr picking us. While we waiting we started watching 'sundarapurushan" movie.i was totally high and i was simply laughing. Then we talking to a movie charecter and we were making fun of her.. Everything was not clear. Suddenly i felt to pee and i went to toilet. But i felt like peeing in dream.suddenly i woke up and its was midnight. Here i realised everything was dream after i smoked. Actually It was sleeping and these trips and all was dream.it was midnight.i tried to switch on the light but it was not getting on. I was totally tensed because no lights were getting on even my mobile 's flash light. Then rahna woke up who was sleeping in next bed and asked me about the problem. I asked her whether she can see any light. I was putting switch at the same time. She laughed and said "she can see every light, your eyes might have totally gone because of that over smoking weed" .even me believed that shit.my tendency to pee was still on. It was in extreme range.then suddenly in dream itself i remembered that am still in dreams, because of that only lights are not getting on.then i started realising that was also a dream and i woke up . Then i realised everything was a dream. I was dreaming over dream.i was alone in my room in real and in reality i was feeling to pee. Then i went to toilet..on that way also i was totally tensed. I started to doubt whether reality is dream or what.i stated pinching myself, checking pulse, etc to check whether i am in reality or dream. I was totally confused. Then i almost found out its reality but i wasn't able to completely believe that everything is real that time also. Then i tried to sleep with fear.Then slept and After waking up in the morning only everything got clear