Date: 8/20/2017

By blissfulllife

It started off as me watching/brig a part in the official making of a Miley Cyrus music video. She had her long brown hair again that transitioned from short to long in length. She was playing what seemed like a piano but turned into a drum set. I remember her dropping the drumsticks on the floor yet, picking them up and continuing to sing a long to the song and acting as if nothing happened ("the show must go on") and this is when I said to myself "see, everybody makes mistakes. Nobody's perfect, not even the celebrities. So I can do this..." (I just realized that this is another dream where Miley Cyrus is involved in my career/success...) The dream transitions to another part of her music video (which is a serious/sad song) to where the camera view is from the top of a building at night, it's kind of raining, and there's this couple having hardcore sex. The guy was hitting the girl from the back and I was trying to figure out A. Why is this in a music video/is this allowed? B. Is she getting raped/this is too graphic/is this part of the message? & finally C. Is the music video about a girl getting cheated on? Because there was another girl on the side like hiding while Miley was there singing as if she wasn't really there. We then end up in a car (almost like those all black tinted big body escalades that celebrities drive in to avoid paparazzi) and it's night time. I'm sitting in the passenger seat and the overhead light is on. The couple who was having sex gets in, in towels like they just got off set. It was nighttime, and we were driving through a city. I remember seeing rain on the back window. The driver was Miley, but then it was someone else (the girl getting "cheated" on). I was confused, it was like we were confronting the guy and the girl yet it was a music video so idk, it was kind of confusing. I remember defending myself like "I would NEVER have sex with someone's boyfriend because I've been in your position before-" but I kept getting cut off because they were talking back and forth. That's when I get a good look at the girls face, and she was magazine model beautiful, like high fashion model beautiful, and I found myself comparing/relating her to the beautiful, tall, white girl I saw earlier at the Jeremiah Program "back to school" event, the one with the cool shoes and gorgeous makeup/outfit. The one that looked rich... I remember thinking "this is the type of girl Brant would/should want/choose over me." That's when I got a looked a good look at both of them (the car momentarily stopped) and they were both stunningly gorgeous and looked oddly similar to each other yet they were different. I could feel that one was more humble than the other. They had gorgeous eyes and features and gorgeous blonde hair with different dark and light streaks. They were obviously models/rich. That's when we continue driving and I see a friend of mine in the middle of the road portrayed as a traffic cop (whom I later recognized to be the guy from MAPS class who looks like a gorilla/the lead singer from the band Gorillas). I remember noticing him and then facing forward, feeling like I've been on this road in my dreams before, and it's a street in my "dream Perth Amboy" yet it has a new feel to it. I remember feeling this fear after we drive by the cops, as if we were going to get pulled over for something, and I started to sort out reasons why we should in my mind like: she doesn't have her lisence, we've been drinking, and one more I can't remember... but now I just remembered the open beer bottles. They looked kind of like Dos Equis beer bottles (they were high class) and there was two of them on the floor. That's what made me fear the cops pulling us over, and I remember seeing the "pull over" signal lights behind us and starting to panic, hoping that the girl would be able to get them off of us by driving better but instead she began to drive a little more recklessly, only causing me to worry even more and start to think "oh no, were going to get into a crash" but then I soothe myself by saying "nope, I always think that and it never happens, it's okay, it won happen, were fine". That when I hear "your thoughts manifest your reality" and I watch the car were in crash into a wall and burst into flames, the girl and guy from the back seat roll out successfully, and as I anticipate my escape, the car explodes, giving me impression and the confirmation that I definitely DID NOT survive the crash. I remember thinking "well, I'm. dead" (mind you, it was like my soul left my body to watch the crash before it happened, so I was like a floating ghost). That's when I turn to my right and see another crash, and Kristin appears, almost as if she has just died too, along with the passengers of her car (a male) and it was like we were noticing we were dead. That's when I look ahead and see a bunch of cars ahead of me, all crashed, and people coming out in a zombie-like fashion and I was scared, because it was as if the dead began to rise and I assumed this was about to turn into a zombie dream when all of a sudden, my fear faded and I turned my attention towards this light that began to appear, something was grabbing my attention. That's when this man/woman/person began to ask "do you believe in the Lord?" And then they would say "then you're saved". That's when I was asked, and was looked into my eyes, and I answered "yes" , fearing if my answer was correct or not. I momentarily thought I wasn't going to be saved, but that's when Jesus appeared and He said "then you are saved." And just like that, just as easy as a snap of a finger, I was saved, and the darkness turned to light. It was clear and bright white light all over, and I was in a big room, almost like a classroom/school assembly, and there was a sea/crowd of people and a small stage in front where someone was giving a lecture about something biblical, in a pleasing way. Everyone was listening and interested. There was a teaching going on.