Date: 2/15/2017

By Dejachavez

I was in bad and I looked over and Max was sleeping and he looked really sad and I was like "why are you in my bed" and then he was like I still want to be your friend, so we later there and the he was like "I have to go to work. You can come be a swimsuit model" or something like that. Then I texted his boss but I spelt swimsuit wrong and that's all that I trxy him. I then went to his work, but his work was like a good place and my mom was there and she was like what do you want to eat and I was like just some potato soup, but they didn't have the size Tupperware I wanted, just like the really big one and the guy who worked there looked at me and was very suppressed and was like "you're gonna eat all of this" and I said "eventually" then I went over to one of the windows and there was this guy and I chatted with him, the I turn around and max walks but and he came over the. Chad and was like "woah are you two friends again" and I was like ya and. Max was like playfully kicking me then I got my soup and I walked over to this table place and I accidentally spilled my soup and there was a lot, I saw kaiti and she was like "I bet she's not gonna pick that Iupbto some dude and he was like ya, so I went and got paper towels to clean it up but kaiti was at the counter because she worked there and her boss yelled at her to go clean it up and she ran over to the soup to clean it up before I could.