This is how it goes

Date: 3/19/2017

By Laysundra

It seemed that I was submerged into a weird episode of Scream Queens but didn't seem like it was Scream Queens at all... The character Mary Ester from Scream Queens that Lea Michelle plays was however in the dream. We were going to this weird place that had a windmill but the place itself seemed booby trapped like Mary Ester booby trapped it.. I go in noticing things were wrong like a boy was dressed like chunky from child's play but it wasn't chunky just seemed more of a dwarf male than a boy and I knew the person.. then I walked out of that room and was hitting a lever realizing that the lever I pushed just seemed to make the windmill contraption seem off like it would break the windmill and send the wheel flying.. I leave it in place then leave while the others are still going along with Mary Ester's ideas and persuasions while I'm thinking I would be safer in the van we drove up in than inside the building. I walk to the vehicle and that is when I wake up.. yet last lingering thought was "don't trust Mary Ester"...