Creepy psycho

Date: 5/7/2019

By ronnoc31256

I was hanging with mom at night watching TV when we suddenly get a knock at the door. I say ill get it so i go and look through the peeping hole thing and no one is there. Im about to unlock it to see whos there when my mom gets all worried and tells me to keep looking for a little longer. Just as she says this, a really creepy guy just like pops up in the little hole thing (like he was hiding in the hole’s blind spot so i wouldnt see anyone) and of course big scary jumpscare music has to happen so im pretty rattled. My mom then explains that hes a mentally disturbed guy that my parents tried to help a few years ago but he became really stalkery and almost killed my aunt. Really unsettling stuff but i said i was just taken back and ready to go to bed. In my dream i was in bed and overthinking and scared so when i woke up just now i thought the whole situation was real and am still convincing myself it isnt.