The Gate To Hell

Date: 2/20/2017

By kidneypunch

It was a school graduation ceremony and there was a pool in the front of the school and inside the building. Years later, after we had graduated, we went back to the school to visit. The school was protected by the police and was completely fenced off. (The police were watching the place to see if anybody would come back?) As they were exploring inside, there was a circular room with a stair case along the wall leading to some classrooms on a balcony. Down below, I had seen this large monster come out of the floor and kill two of my friends with it's tenticals. It ended up being some kind of vision or premonition, and my friend snapped me out of it. He told me the police were coming and that we needed to leave. I was baffled for a moment, seeing the monster was gone and my friends were alive. We ran outside and went down this small semi-circular stair case. The ledge next to it was suddenly covered in snow and there were prom shoes scattered throughout the snow. (Apparently there was a slaughter at the school prom and five students were missing) I didn't understand what was happening but I snapped out of it. When I had fallen off the ledge. My friends helped me into this storage room, where we hid. I tried to explain to them what was happening but they wouldn't listen to me. A helicopter went by and we made it for the playground, where we hid again. After a while, we climbed the fence next to the play ground when a dog came out of no where and bit me in the leg. As they urged me to climb over, I was telling them something about a red moon and fire flies. I proceeded to tell the guys I couldn't climb the fence because the dog had bit me. They guy's didn't understand, saying there was no dog, and I had never been bit. I looked at where the wound would have been, and seen nothing. Realizing that, I climbed over the fence and cut my chin on the way down.