Sea World and Overpriced Bracelets

Date: 1/27/2017

By pamela

So, I was on a trip, I think for band or something, and it was to one of the really popular theme parks in Orlando. I'm pretty sure it was Sea World. Anyways, I was walking down this really wide hallway full of different gift shops with my boyfriend, and we were talking and having a good time, until he decided to just say goodbye and turn around and leave for no apparent reason. Weird. So I decided to go look inside one of the more expensive gift shops. I looked around for stuff I'd want to buy, and I found this really pretty bracelet. It was made of glass beads and had different shades of blue for each bead, with gold in the middle (not real gold, just the color). I grabbed the bracelet and looked around some more. When I was done looking, I went to the cashier to buy them. I put the items on the counter and gave him the $20 bill that I had, and I had hoped that I could buy at least some of the items I picked out with that money, especially the bracelet. So, the cashier looked through my items and then at the money and started to comment on the prices of each item. He said, "Let's see: this one is too much money, this one is too much money, so is this one, and oh look! That was a nice choice, young lady." He pulled out the bracelet from the stack of items. "That would suit you very well. But, unfortunately, this bracelet is $30. Nice try, sweetie." This cashier guy (along with the fact that the bracelet was so overpriced) made me mad. So, I looked him in the eyes, screamed, "SCREW YOU", took the bracelet and my money, and ran off with it. Then, my boyfriend met up with me outside of the store. He said, "Look what I got you!" And he pulled out the exact same bracelet that I had just stole from the gift shop. So, while running back to the store, I said to him, "Excuse me for a moment. I have to return something."