Floating Along

Date: 9/20/2019

By Lostmysamity

Nothing too intricate, but still quite a relaxing dream. I was on a poorly made raft, one that would never hold in real life because it was only sticks and twine. Except it seemed to be more than strong enough in my dream. I don’t even remember getting on or taking off, but there was an endless ocean surrounding me. But it was so late at night that the stars reflected off the water so it almost seemed like I was floating in space. Usually I’m terrified of water, especially when it’s so dark, but I was at extreme peace. I was just laying on my back with my hand draping in the water, and it felt almost like silk. It felt like it went on for ages, but the sun never came out and I just layer there and drifted underneath the stars. I woke up feeling really calm and relaxed, actually really wanting to go back to sleep. I hope for it to happen again.