Journeys Through Odd Realms

Date: 8/5/2019

By Stars_Of_Halcyon

So the dream started out like I was in the Harry Potter universe, like I was Harry pr something. Something happened to where I got in trouble because I used some sort of potion thing that Ron made to make some random kid just..... GROW. Like, into a giant. Then I was suddenly in band class (which happens a lot in my dreams) and was called out because I had gotten in trouble (Still as Harry, for some reason, but no longer at Hogwarts???). Then some stuff skipped to where I was with these people, one of which I knew in real life as Griphon (or Caleb), the other two false, yet based on people actually knew. Griphon and I, and those two others, started to sneak out of the school. Griph drove us to some location where we would look into this box at some belongings of ours (like a keepsake box. All I remember are there were brownies in it and some other weird vintage things. Also I'm no longer Harry.) Some random, oddly realistic interactions between Griph, the other kids, and myself all occured. Then, I guess we out of nowhere were at some concert, where I was singing, but we had to hide the fact that we had snuck out? For some reason, one adult found out and grew threatening towards me, and I suddenly turned into some kinda werewolf thing with wings??? (Possibly due to my recent obsession with wolves and werewolves.) I attacked them, then started to fly away. Like, in my dream I felt myself flying, and felt like I could control it somehow. There were these massive building and roads that I flew above and jumped across to get away, but at some point something caught up to me. Suddenly I was being chased through what looked like a cyberspace sort of realm, fluctuating colors, glowy masses and buildings, all of that sort of stuff. Then I guess I escaped that place and got back into the "normal" world. I continued to flee, but nothing seemed to chase me. I saw my friends (I guess???) driving to our usual spot, so I joined them (still as a beast). They protected me as I looked in that weird keepsake box. I ate the brownies or something, then this freaky tall lady approached to capture me. I fled as my friends guarded me, flying over this massive rock wall thing that, on the other side, led to a small coastal city. I landed. By some kinda subway station and turned back into myself, but wearing all that kinda edgy black stuff to kinda hide from people. Some lengthy, tall-ish guy with a sorta ragged appearing saw me and came over, seeming to know me. I guess I knew him too, cause we chatted and walked around together (he was like.... probably my age or something?). We went to this beach or something where we went under some rock overhang, and found lots of seashells and crabs in the water. I think he left, cause he kinda just disappered. I found one shell that, when I looked inside it, there was a dog???? The dog crawled out, all cute and sad and hungry, while like..... 3 more followed???? 4 stray dogs in a medium sized seashell???? I think I like..... carried them to the top of some building and gave them water and stuff. I walked around and found my mom??? Like..... just..... whatever.... I found my mom and she brought me back to our home (nothing like my actual house), then some other stuff happened? I made an attempt to meet with my friends again, but the woman caught me. I went through some sorta "The Escapists" styled lookin world to evade her, I dont remember winning, but I guess I did because I was now back in the coastal city. Some stuff I don't remember happened, then I went with my parents and.... possibly brother???? to some weird building that looked like a rich man's home. We were chased by some kinda yellow jacket with red dots, then the owner of the place came in. Apparently it was some kinda MLM thing, so I left the building. I flew out to check on the dogs, who were now scared and starving. Also, they somehow multiplied cause there were like.... 7. Also also, one of them had died, which I cried over within my dream. I searched for food, and I guess this weird.... gum-like substance appeared in my vision? It was whatever the MLM thing advertised, suddenly projected to me somehow. I guess you could feed horses with it? Suddenly, all the dogs turned into Pokemon, and the advertisement showed them feeding it to, well, Pokemon. So I fed the poor things this stuff, and while watching the final one eat it, realized that it was in pain and studdenly bleeding. I looked at the others. All were dead, blood coming out of their heads. I cried as my mom hugged me, but all of it felt so gross. I truly felt like I killed something. I guess I flew away or something, because the next thing I remember is me going into the water and turning into a weird fish. Imagine the game "Everything" where you can turn into something bigger or smaller than yourself, it was like that. I could turn into the different weird creatures around me. I had to evade sharks and stuff. Things grew blurry, and nothing after that point do I remember. I believe I woke up at around that time. It was insanely vivid, and both realistic in reactions and people around me, and totally fantasmal.