Digital art, A person is walking out of a church after realizing they were supposed to have a part in a vacation bible school skit, feeling slightly annoyed and noticing a friend along the way.

Walking Out

Date: 4/7/2017

By Hikertrash48

The dream took place at a church. I took a seat in the front right pew. I had the idea that it was around the time that vacation bible school starts for our church. So the vbs (vacation bible school) skit starts and I remember thinking "wait wasn't I supposed to have a part in the skit?" So I'm slightly annoyed at this point and start to walk away. As I'm leaving I see one of my friends so I just nod and keep walking.

AI generated interpretation The dream of "Walking Out" in a church setting may symbolize a desire for personal autonomy and independence in your waking life. The church often represents a place of spiritual connection and guidance, suggesting that the dream may touch upon your relationship with religion or spirituality. Taking a seat in the front right pew indicates a level of involvement or commitment to the church community or its activities. The mention of vacation bible school (vbs) and your expectation of having a part in the skit may suggest a sense of anticipation and responsibility toward participating in religious events or traditions. The feeling of annoyance and thinking you were supposed to have a part in the skit but not receiving it could point to a sense of disappointment or unmet expectations. This may reflect a deeper concern about being overlooked or undervalued within the church community or in other areas of your life. Walking away in the dream signifies a desire to detach yourself from situations or obligations where you feel unappreciated or unsupported. It suggests a need for personal agency and the desire to pursue your own path away from external expectations or duties. Encountering a friend and nodding without engaging in conversation signifies a casual acknowledgment of a relationship. In the dream, this interaction may represent a reassurance that you have allies or connections in your quest for self-assertion and independence. It implies that you can rely on the support of those who understand your need for individuality. Overall, the dream suggests a longing for personal autonomy and a wish to break away from perceived obligations and unmet expectations. It may be indicative of a journey towards asserting your own needs and desires, even if that means distancing yourself from familiar settings or roles in order to find a sense of fulfillment and personal identity.