Kawaii Detective

Date: 4/29/2019

By Kitten1279

So I was a kawaii detective with red hair and blue eyes. There was also a boy, who I think was my partner, he had the same look as me. So we solved a diamond stealing crime. I don’t remember actually looking for the jewel only this: Me-“So I guess it’s gone.” Him-“Nah, it’ll turn up somewhere.” Me-“Really?” Him-“Yeah, really. Anyway I have to go get something.” He goes inside what I think is a detective academy. We’re in a small village and there are kawaii animals about. I’m a bit bigger then there small houses and so being the clumsy person I am, fall down and get my head stuck in a doorway of the house. In there is a bunny and at the corner of the house is a podium with the diamond rested on it. The bunny looks like he’s about to give me a talking to when he sees imma detective. He now stammers over an excuse. Bunny-“it’s really not what you think.” Me-“Mhm, because that podium is the real gem and that’s why you’re buying lasers and a titanium case on your lil tablet.” I was starting at his tablet. Bunny-“Yes that podium is very rare and it’s um from um um my um mom?” My partner comes up and sees what’s going on. Him-“Told ya.” Bunny-“Nuu it’s not what you think!!!” The small animal police come and take the bunny away now. We’re now at the academy and the professor gave us another assignment. There is a special gem in Ocean Island and we have to go retrieve it. But there is a kraken that we must be careful of. We’re teleported to the gates of this place and the kraken is waiting. He shoots out a tentacle and shoves us both into the water. (Mission Impossible Music Here) So ya battle scenes then I’m tossed out of the water. I see that the krakens power source is in another pool and is the cork, I think. I step toward it but then step back to look at my friend. He sees what I see and we have a silent conversation between each other just by sharing a look. I pull the cork and the kraken screams as it is drained down the tubes. We secretly know it will be back. We head down what looks like a subway staircase but is really a doorway to Ocean Island. Then I’m awakened.