Horsing Around

Date: 3/6/2017


I'm at a horse arena and I think I'm watching Amanda. I'm sitting in a play ground tube and looking through one of those holes. I watch and I'm super bored with it. I need something to do. The horse she's riding is brown and she's not wearing a saddle, but some foam. The game is over and she wins the title! I go to her parents to get a ride home, but I hear four old ladies complaining. At least one has a cane and all have short white hair except one with some purple dye. They say they hate it. I chime in as I walk and say "what a great outcome." They are mad and say that I shouldn't be interrupting them. I smart mouth them and go on. I come back later and say by the way I was talking to myself. I'm super bored now and I want to steal a car. I go out the door ( which looks like a door to a house/foyer) and I go up to a big white Toyota Sequoia that is unlocked. I can't see inside so I open the door. There is a big fat blonde woman with a baby in a carrier in between the passenger and driver seat. I just opened her door and I have to think fast so pretend I'm mentally ill and hang from the door going uhhh and pretending I'm dying. The dream ends