Interviews and Tuscany trip

Date: 8/15/2017

By fiftyshadesofpissedoff

I'm in Tuscany, as I recognize from my surroundings, and somehow I'm interviewing an Italian actor asking him questions about movies, his house, and how does he feel about people imitating the Tuscan accent that everyone loves. After this random interaction I move towards another house and here I interview another actress. The space where I'm doing it it's too small, so we decide to move outside. Now we're by the street but on the other side I see a wonderful view on the hills and flowers of the place. So I go there and suddenly I'm not there to interview anymore, I'm there on a school trip but there are people from all my schools: the teacher is my elementary teacher and my classmates are from elementary, middle and high school. I begin to take pictures of the view, and also videos of flowers falling from a cherry tree. One of the boys (which actually wasn't in the same class as me in the real world) asks me to take a picture of him because he knows that my phone takes good Ones. I do it and then proceed to take pictures of others. I then realize that it isn't a true school trip, but it's kind of a reunion, because we are all already going to college. I understand that because one of my best friends from middle school comes to join us a little later, saying that she was in London. We all hug her and then all together turn around to look over a small wall. Under it, on the other side, there was a show that we had to watch. There was people talking, but it was really boring, and we all started to look at the cats that were invading the stage. I remember 5 of them, 4 really big ones and a kitten that was hiding in a bowl of grapes. We all 'awed' and the teachers scolded us, telling us to go inside in the middle of the stage with them once it was finished. But me, this friend that came from London (Carlotta) , the guy that asked me a picture (Simone) , and another middle school classmate (Giulia) decided to run out and go back home. As we got out we started talking about meeting each other again sometime other and then I got on my car and drove home.