Zombie Apocalpse Dream #2

Date: 3/21/2017

By ThatHayleyBeing

Me and two guys from school were running away from a herd of zombies and we decided to climb on top of the roof of a bunch of high flats/apartments. We were up there safe and sound until we found out one of the guys was bitten. We started to panic but the infected one insisted we cut off the infected arm. I had a hatchet in the satchel I was holding in my dream and with hesitation I began sawing off his arm. He was screaming in agony and I just kept thinking to myself that this will save his life so I continued. His wrist came off and he kept screaming. I wrapped his wound with a piece of clean cloth and I went over to the other guy who was sitting on the edge of the roof with his legs dangling in the air. I sat beside him and he told me that the other one wasn't going to make it. I told him that he should stop being pessimistic and hope for him to be okay. Just then we heard a zombie-like groan and the guy beside me was bitten. I shot the zombie in the head. It was the guy I tried to save which sent shivers down my spine. Once the zombie was killed I turned to face the now bitten friend of mine which had tears in his eyes and he pushed me off the roof. It was quite a big fall but I didn't get any injuries from the fall itself. A big metal fence piece pierced through my leg and I couldn't help but groan and cry. The noise of the fall attracted a herd of zombies and they all started feasting on my limbs as I screamed for help.