Adventure Thyme with Drew, Marcos, Ramon and Biffany

Date: 4/10/2017

By drunchee

I am with an Ayden like figure, Marcos, and Garrett in a house that is like my house meets Marcos's house. Ramon is there too. Garrett sadly has to leave, leaving this weird Ayden figure, who is actually like Brody and Tiffany from adventure time combined into this jerky sort of joc blonde kid, to be with us. After having a fake battle in my hallway using plates and brown food, I have to go to this weird Adventure time realm, where weird zombie people are everywhere. I am on a covered wagon, being taken to the top of a mountain with a weird zombie boy and his evil mom, who's face I somehow know will be disgusting and have light green moss on it, but I cannot see the woman's face yet. She is driving the wagon. I kill her son in anger and fear by pushing him off the wagon, but she doesn't seem to care. She has to rest under a bridge, and she is hooded now. As she sleeps, glowing green rocks fall from her head. I touch one and it disappears, and she is angry, saying the green rocks are her "memories". I then thank her for taking me to the mountain, and I climb to its top to see the purple night sky and stars. It's all beautiful. Then I'm back at my house, and Tiffany does a summer sault and cheers that I made it home okay. The adventure continues however, and in a grey car my dad drives us to our next stop. Dream Over