Horror game

Date: 8/14/2017

By AkaneSensei

Okay, so in my dream I was watching markiplier play a horror game (in fullscreen, i couldn't see anything but the gameplay). I'll try to explain the dream here. It was Five Nights at Freddy's 4, but it wasn't right. The animatronics would free roam, and you were walking in a giant house, like a mansion, and you could hide in closets, like that fanmade game, Case Animatronics or something like that. There also were vents that you could enter, not like Sister Location, more like any games of the Batman Gotham series. Anyways, he was playing and he was scared af, nothing new about that. I also remember that I was on Pinterest, and I found a pin about this game that helped you get a good ending, and now it seems like there's some interactions with a ghost when you win the night, and if you do the right steps, they'll like you, just like Pocket Mirror. And then suddenly it was me playing the game, and it was in the interaction with a ghost girl and I was following the tips on the pin. And then the dream ended.