Monsters (Windigo-like) Hunt Humans... Regularly...

Date: 9/8/2019

By AJacobs

I was dreaming... a horror thriller... Early parts of the dream seemed confined to my backyard at home. There was a lot of hiding and squishing up against the ground. It was typically pretty dark and night, but I guess there were some lights somehow. I think they came on a fairly regular schedule. These were roughly humanoid pale monsters with long spindly limbs so they typically walked and ran on all fours. In a lot of ways they looked like the Windigo of Native American Legend and the game Until Dawn. Except in my dream their shoulders and upper body were large, blobby, and disfigured. I recall a lot of the time being by my brother. We started often hiding outside. We would hear the noise of the monsters and drop into the smallest corner of brush we could find. Then we would watch as They passed us 30 or 40 feet away. Sometimes they were sprinting by bounding forward while sometimes their hulks of flesh lumbered forward slowly at a walking pace. Later times we were inside our house. I apologize that I don't remember many details from the earlier part of the dream. I know they sometimes may have broken in as we hid and we would hear them. You didn't have to be hidden spectacularly, you just had to be less visible and audible than the guy hiding next door. The monsters were systematic and typically came, killed, and left at regular intervals. We searched the couldesac and talked to those of other houses. There was a group of organized people at the Hank-'s house. There was an argument among us survivors there at one point. Eventually, my brother and whoever we were with decided to leave and travel West. We did so through night and dusk/dawn. I don't know if it was ever fully daytime. This included running and then flying a helicopter somehow. We flew the two helicopters extremely low and I might have crashed. We finally came to a giant building complex. It seemed to be a Private High School or something. We arrived there and alarms went off shortly afterwards. Students started running in a couple directions and I followed. There was a lot of running through corridors and (also hiding in) office cubicle areas. They were well aware of the monsters. After a couple attacks, I noticed they were talking about something. Apparently a (possibly) rival organization was releasing and/or control the monsters. I saw their security guards face off against a couple monsters down a stairwell. The guard's uniform was white shirts, blue berets, and black or blue pants. I know they were in daylight too here. They fired submachine guns and assault rifles into the monsters to decent success. They took a few casualties as well as wounding and/or maiming the monsters to retreat (I'm not sure if any monsters actually died). Eventually we got out of there and went to the outskirts which was like corridors, stairs, and ramps out to grass fields, like parking for large events. It was night again. We were running constantly. One specific action I recall is when we were going from the enclosed walkway down to the ground (1 and 1/2 stories up about). The rest of my family went down the ramp. After a little ramp I decided to take the stairs to be quicker. I braced my arms on the side banisters/braces. Halfway down the stairs dropped out and I held on for dear life. I think the stairs looped back around, but I held on for dear life. I landed fine as the railings went all the way to the ground. We then went outside where it was night time. It was a big grassy field with some little wood and tape fence for a parking lot at an event. I don't think any cars were in sight. I think it ended at some point after that.