Zombie in my house

Date: 3/23/2017

By Tjika

I was ice skating outside with my dad. Suddenly the ice began to melt and many other people who were ice skating left. There were just a few left when suddenly a zombie came running towards us and tried to bite us. There were more and the other people who were there got bitten. Me and my dad weren't surprised, we were just annoyed they had to show up here. We ran away, because we were still a bit frightened by them. When I got home I just sat upstairs with some friends. After a while there were zombies again. We defeated a few, but when I flew downstairs (not sure why I didn't just walk, guess I like flying) there was something like a huge boss monster zombie who really wanted to fight me. I was scared of him though and didn't feel like fighting, so I tried to run (or fly in my case) away from him. I flew through the window (it wasn't open I actually just flew through it), but I felt something pulling me back. There was another guy who was with the zombie, like a judge of some kind. He kept trying to get me back there. I kept flying through the window or the wall, but everytime I did I ended up back in the living room where the zombie was. He seemed sort of surprised I kept trying this hard to get away. Finally I ended up in the garden for a brief moment. I realised I was not going to win this, that I would end up back in the living room if I didn't do something, so I decided to leave the dream and wake up, although I did sort of feel dissapointed I'd let the zombie ruin my dream.