Thin Mint Edibles

Date: 2/21/2017

By mjastic

I'm walking along the sidewalk of my apartment complex towards my friend Jeff and Erick's house. I walk up the stairs because they live on the second floor first door to the left. I patiently wait outside the door and when my friend jeff opens the door , it isn't to his living room it's to his bedroom. As I am welcomed in im confused as to why only his friend Allan is laying in the bed and acting as if he's mental. Jeff welcomes me and tells me "Would you like some?" , pointing at some thin mint edibles on his empty desk with nothing but 2 containers of them , "i got them from my friend Rosalinda, she was a good friend from 8th grade" ; I politely take one and automatically feel the wave of dizziness fill my body , I tell him that I'm going to the restroom . I turn around and open his door . I exit the room but see myself in a totally different house or should I say mansion. I don't see anyone on sight and I'm in the middle of the hallway. I look at my phone and it's 6:03pm. I have 3 missed calls from Lexi. I try to call back but no answer. I look up away from my phone and in the distance I see a blurred figure , as it gets closer it's my friend Jeff with a catorsuit on and asks if I wanted a drink while holding margaritas and I tell him "no thanks, where am I?" And he tells me "your house dummy" and I look at him in confusion because there was no possibility I could afford a house like that (NOTE: the house was my aunts before). I ask him "how?" In astonishment not knowing how I live in a house like this. He tells me "you won the lottery don't you remember hahaha , you have like two mansions and like ten cars." "Look Come" and He grabs my forearm and pulls me towards the living room , I see all my close friends there playing beer pong and then suddenly the lights went out ! My phone begins to ring again and I answer, it's Lexi, she's threatening me and telling me if I ever did anything with Jeff she would kill me. I hang up scared. I hear everyone's footsteps and laughter and faintly see shadows from the light of the full moon, people running in all different directions. I hear someone shout "HIDE AND SEEK IN THE DARK EVERYONE HIDE!" I quickly run away from the voice and found myself opening a door that turns into a closet and find my ex crush inside, I at him with a quick nervous glance and say "sorry I'll leave" and he grabs my arm and tells me that it's fine. We sit and wait in the dark while waiting to be found and it's very quiet, he tries whispering something but I could hardly hear , so I tell him with a bit of a loud whisper "huh?" . He comes closer and tells me "I'm sorry." I try to look him in the eye but it's hard because the moon isn't letting enough light in from the little window in between the shelves. I ask him "sorry for what?" He then grabs me gently behind my neck and pulls me in for a kiss. I pull back for a second but then grab him by the chin and we both go at it with kisses and touching and more kisses. We suddenly heard footsteps and he grabs my arm and leads me through a secret door behind the folded blankets ; i follow. We take about a minute to get to a bedroom with elegant teal colored walls and white decor all around , he grabs me and throws me on the bed and we continue where we left off... (END)