Beautiful Brunetta

Date: 10/14/2018

By caitlynm14117

A boy with blonde hair gets cancer and only then does his father realize he loves him. The boy always wants approval from his dad but almost never gets it. Parents divorced. Bio mom possibly dead? Possibly remarried to black woman? Has several mixed kids. Don’t remember biological mother figure to blonde boy, but there is a black man and woman who lives with them. In the end, find out black woman and boy’s father are having affair, oddly enough. Are black man and woman married? Boy gets cancer around 8th or 10th birthday. His favorite colors are red, blue, yellow, and green so everyone always wears all those colors to support him. Possibly father distances himself around time boy gets cancer? Would that even make sense? Right before the end, there’s a very old black and white PSA (like from the 40s or 50s) that plays that tells you to do what is right. (I was studying Aristotle’s view of virtue last night so I know why this is in here.) For example, three blond children do their homework, and another bunch of kids (dark hair, Italian probably) cleans. In the background is a song playing that I can only imagine to be called “Beautiful Brunetta” as that’s what the lyrics said. I also remember, towards the beginning of the dream, a birthday party being set up for the boy in a very large green part outside with a big tree blocking the sun and making shade. Something happened to ruin the party but can’t remember what. Did dad ruin this party somehow? Or did they find out the boy had cancer at the party? The dad either was or just looked like Bradley Cooper in A Star is Born and the black woman was Beth from This Is Us